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Cell Phone Jamming Devices


A mobile signal jammer is an electronic device which blocks transmission between mobile telephones and other cell towers in a certain area. Often referred to as "cell jammers", signal blockers, or GPS stoppers, cell jammers hold up the electromagnetic signal at a specified location, thereby creating a type of virtual signal traffic jam. Cell jammers are used primarily to protect personal or business communications systems from wireless network interference. These systems can be found in the form of a car alarm clock.


While most of the cell phones use the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology, cell phones based on the CDMA (Compact Modem) technology can also be equipped with a jamming device. The GSM technology allows communication between two mobile towers located at different points on the globe, but this connection is dependent on a regular signal that is not interrupted. By blocking the cellular tower's signal, a jammer can prevent a mobile phone from reaching its destination, whether it is inside or outside the coverage area. Cell phone owners who own an older model of cell phone are also more likely to have a jamming device installed in their cell phone. Know more about wifi at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/4-things-you-should-never-do-on-public-wi-fi_us_579f68dae4b07066ba1f628c


With the popularity of cell phones on the rise, there are many companies offering such equipment to consumers at affordable prices. They provide customers with the equipment at a low monthly fee and, as a guarantee, they will return the product if the service is not satisfactory. Cell phone jamming devices come in different sizes, including those capable of blocking cell phone signals within a specific area and those capable of jamming a number of cellular towers at one time. Be sure to view here for more details!


Mobile signal jammers at this website are typically available for sale in a range of products, including handheld or car alarms. Hand held models are commonly used by travelers. Car alarms are particularly helpful for drivers who are unfamiliar with the road, as they can provide a source of emergency assistance. Cell jammers are used in the same way. Handheld signal blockers for cars are known as "panic buttons" or, in some countries, as "panic callers". The devices can prevent the use of cell phones while driving.


One of the main reasons people use signal jammers is to prevent cell phones from being used on cell phones whose hands free data feature has been disabled. Many cell phones with data cards have a feature which allows the user to send text messages without the use of the data card.


Signal jammers are very effective tools in protecting mobile networks. However, their effectiveness depends upon the size and location of the area where they are installed. Some people who use signal blockers have experienced interference problems using their cell phones, especially when using the GSM technology.